Kirk Clips

Kirk Fistfights Picard
This clip shows what would happen if
Kirk and Picard got into a fistfight.

Kirk Vs. Picard: The Final Battle
This clip shows Kirk and Picard in a ship-to-ship battle.
Created by Joseph Scotti.

A Tribute To Kirk
A montage of images and sounds in a tribute to Captain Kirk.
Created by Joseph Scotti.

Generations Reedited Ending
This is a reedited ending to
Star Trek: Generations, where Kirk lives!

Generations - Another Reedited Ending
This is another recut ending to Generations.
Kirk lives in this one, too!


Rare Wrath of Khan Scenes
Two discarded scenes from Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan,
that are not on the DVD or ABC versions.
It includes a scene where Saavik is revealed to be half-Romulan,
and a scene where Kirk introduces Saavik to David Marcus.

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