Great Kirk Moments

Below are recollections of Great Kirk Moments, from the show and the feature films.  These are things as subtle as an expression, an emotion, a scene, a line... anything from Kirk that has moved us emotionally.  Moments that make you laugh, make you cry, make you think, make you FEEL.  This page is still under construction, but it will ALWAYS be growing, so check back often!

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Now, enjoy these moments that illustrate why we love KIRK!

1.  The Cage

No Kirk in this episode!  However, you can see him throughout "The Menagerie", which uses footage from this episode.

2.  Where No Man Has Gone Before

That first scene where Kirk and Spock are playing chess. Spock's obviously pleased to be beating the pants off of Kirk. He smiles a little after announcing mate in one move, apparently in happy anticipation of his victory. Kirk blindsides him with an illogical move, and then gloats when Spock reacts with dismay. Spock complains about having a human ancestor, and Kirk teases Spock about it, saying "Terrible, having bad blood like that!" as if he enjoys provoking Spock to display an emotional reaction. What's most interesting to me is that Spock doesn't seem to mind too much, if it's Kirk doing it.  --  Laura G

At the end of the show Kirk reported in his log that Gary Mitchell died in the line of duty. You could tell he was grieving but he let Gary die honorably and made no mention of the monster that he'd become. -- Shawna W

3.  The Corbomite Maneuver

"Not chess, Mr. Spock... poker." -- Shawna

"I'll keep that in mind... when this becomes a democracy." -- Shawna

4.  Mudd's Women

At the end where Kirk offered to give Mudd a character reference if it would help and Mudd replied that then they would throw the book at him. That was priceless. It showed that Kirk had a sense of humour. Even though Mudd was on the wrong side of the law, Kirk was not all rules and regulations although Mudd was absolutely going to the penal colony. Kirk could not resist needling him along the way. -- Shawna W

5.  The Enemy Within

Kirk was rapidly losing the power to make decisions. He had to make a decision which was a life and death decision. Spock advised him to go ahead with beaming himself because if they didn't, four crewmembers would freeze to death. McCoy wanted to do an autopsy of the dog because if death was caused by a transporter malfunction, Kirk could die. He was talking to himself and not wanting to make the decision. Spock asked him if he was relinquishing command. He straightened up and found that inner Kirk strength and courage and made the decision. We would have understood if he didn't make the decision but we were proud of him for once again beating the odds. -- Shawna W

6.  The Man Trap

"I don't like mysteries.  They give me a belly-ache, and I've got a beauty right now." -- Paul K.

7.  The Naked Time

The scene when Kevin Riley keeps singing "I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen, one more time", and Kirk replies: "Please, not again." Kirk's frustration is wry and amusing, a feeling which we can relate to at one time or another. -- Pat W.

The scene where Kirk is still under the influence of the virus, yet he maintains his dignity while walking through the corridors.  Stating to the Enterprise "I'll never lose you.  Never."  Also maintaining his intensity as McCoy tears Kirk's sleeve and gives him the shot. The "No beach to walk on..." statements are also powerful and emotional. -- Jay B.

8.  Charlie X

Kirk - "Let (Spock) go too." Charlie - "Why?" Kirk - "Because I'm TELLING you to... because you need me to run the ship and I need him!" -- Kirok

Kirk to Charlie - "Go to your quarters or I'll pick you up and carry you there!" -- Kirok

In the scene at the end of the episode, when the Thasians have come for Charlie and he is begging Kirk to let him stay, you can clearly see Kirk's inner struggle reflected on his face. On the one hand, this is a monster who has disposed of people without blinking; on the other, he is a lonely teenage boy desperate to be with his own kind. As always, Kirk comes down on the side of compassion. A brilliant piece of acting on the part of William Shatner, and one which never fails to move me. -- Lyn C

9.  Balance Of Terror

The moment when Kirk reprimands Styles.  He spins his chair around and makes it VERY clear that he will not tolerate Styles' implications. "Leave any bigotry in your quarters..." -- Jay B

10. What Are Little Girls Made Of?

In response to Spock's inquiry about the use of the term, 'half-breed':  "Well, I'll keep that in mind, Mr. Spock,  the next time I find myself in a similar situation." -- Shawna

KIRK: "Dr. Corby was never here." He let a great man die with dignity. -- Shawna W

When Dr. Corby was telling Rok that he must never mock Christine, Kirk quickly added in "or disobey an order from her." Dr. Corby allowed that as well. It was this that later saved Kirk's life. That is our Kirk always thinking on his feet. -- Shawna W

When Dr. Corby was making a duplicate of Kirk, Kirk was listening very intently and tried to fill his mind with a wrong mental image of Spock so Spock would get suspicious. This later proved to save everybody, perhaps even a galaxy. Kirk used every opportunity and even made his own. -- Shawna W

11.  Dagger Of The Mind

You feel Kirk's pain as he sits there helpless in that chair under beams of that mind beam. You can't help but feel enormous respect for Kirk as he grits his teeth and takes it. -- Paul K.

12.  Miri

"I've never liked older women, Yeoman." -- Shawna

13.  The Conscience Of The King

After McCoy tells Kirk about Lenore being sent to the loony bin, he asks: "You really cared for her, didn't you?" But Kirk acts as if he didn't hear and continues to make ready to leave orbit. "You're not going to answer my question, are you?" pursues the doctor. "Ahead warp factor one, Mr. Leslie" orders Kirk, looking at McCoy. The doctor smiles and says: "That's an answer." (Indeed it was. Another fine acting job by Shatner). -- Dave

14.  The Galileo Seven

When Spock was explaining to Kirk that his logic told him that it was time for an illogical action and Kirk replied that what he was saying was that his logic informed him that it was time for an emotional outburst. -- Shawna W

15.  Court Martial

The scene when Kirk is defending his actions of ejecting a pod into space that had Finney in it in order to save the crew and the Enterprise, and he said "if I were in the same situation again, I would do the exact same thing, to save my ship, and NOTHING is more important than my ship." I always thought that that scene was beautifully done. -- Trekkinguy

16.  The Menagerie (Parts One and Two)

I love the final scene of this episode where Kirk watches Captain Pike begin his new fantasy life with Vena. Kirk's physical expression of joy at the transmitted images leaves you with a sense that everything will be all right for the crippled hero from now on. -- Jen

17.  Shore Leave

Spock is telling Kirk about a "crewmember" is who inefficent and stressed, and refuses to go on shore leave. Kirk says that their right to refuse shore leave ends with the saftey of the ship. "Who is it." "James T. Kirk." Kirks expression is great! -- Shawna

Kirk represents the little guy in all of us who finally decides he has had enough of the bully and just beats the tar out of him (as Kirk puts it). -- Mikepcls

18.  The Squire Of Gothos

The brave and fearless look in Kirk's eyes when he stands up to the omnipotent Trelane and slaps him in the face multiple times. Does that guy have guts or what? -- Dave

19.  Arena

"No, I won't kill him! You'll have to find your entertainment someplace else." -- Shawna

You feel Kirk's surprised horror along with Kirk as he realizes the gorn Captain has heard every word he has said. -- Paul K.

20.  The Alternative Factor

The scene at the end where Kirk laments for Lazarus is very dramatic and emotionally moving. The universe has been saved, but at what cost? -- Pete

21.  Tomorrow Is Yesterday

The smug look on Kirk's face when he gets the computer to stop calling him "dear". You can just feel his satisfaction. -- Dave

The humorous Kirk moment when the Air Force Colonel tells Kirk he's going to lock him up for 200 years. The look on Kirk's face as he replies "That ought to be just about right..." never fails to crack me up. -- Paul K.

I really enjoyed the fight scene between Kirk and the Air Force officers. It was a well choreographed action sequence, and the music score really helped me get into it. -- Pete

"Alright Colonel, the truth is I'm a little green man from Alpha Centauri. It's a beautiful place, you ought to see it." (Even when he's in danger, Kirk still manages to keep his sense of humor and sarcastic wit). -- Pete

22.  The Return Of The Archons

This episode has the first "Kirk vs computer" scene, and it's a brilliant scene. -- Paul K.

23.  A Taste Of Armageddon

The "I will not kill TODAY." statements! - Lord Garth

24.  Space Seed

There are enough great moments in this episode to fill a book; the deep respect which grew and rose above the adversarial relationship between these two diverse characters of Kirk and Khan was a living re-enactment of Neitche's "Man and Superman." Khan's statement "although your abilities intrigue me, Captain, you are quite honestly inferior-- mentally, physically" show that it's Kirk's individual strength of character that make him TRULY superior, and allow him to command enough leadership and respect even from a traitor (Lt. McGuivers) to overcome a foe who had nearly ruled the world previously.  And who, like so many other conquerors (both human and non-human), had come to respect and admire Kirk even in their own defeat. -- Sun Tsushi

25.  This Side Of Paradise

Most definitely the moment when Kirk shakes off the effects of the spores.  When he says "No.  No!  I can't leave!"  Through his own sheer will and determination and passion for what he loves, he is able to overcome the spores' influence.  -- Jay B.

"It's not every day that a crew member gets to strike his superior officer... several times." -- Ross V.

26.  The Devil In The Dark

"No Kill I... What does that mean? A plea for us not to kill it? Or a promise that it won't kill us?" -- Avril C

27.  Errand Of Mercy

Love the smile on Kirk's face when he tells Kor to "Go climb a tree." Very Hornblower.  -- Lyn C

28. City On The Edge Of Forever

When Kirk and Spock first arrive in 1930 (still in their Starfleet uniforms), Kirk points to some clothes on a railing to suggest they take them. Spock asks "Theft, Captain?" and Kirk replies "Well, we'll rob from the rich and give back to the poor . . . later." This line always makes me laugh. -- Dave

Kirk's encounter with the policeman where he tries to explain Spock's ears. You feel Kirk's awkwardness, yet can't help but laugh at his predicament. -- Dave

Certainly, the moment when Kirk stops McCoy from saving Keeler's life.  He had just expressed such joy from finding McCoy, then he painfully stops him.  And most definitely the moment where he says "Let's get the hell out of here."  -- Jay B.

The Guardian says "Your science is obviously primitive." Spock is taken aback at this statement. Kirk smirks and says "Annoyed, Spock?" -- Shawna

29.  Operation: Annihilate!

Not only do you respect Kirk for the fact that he puts HIS blood brother & sister in-law's death on hold to deal with the crisis on Deneva, but the fact that he would have been REQUIRED to kill Spock & his nephew along with all the colonists on that planet to halt the creatures. Kirk didn't sulk or whine about the unfairness of it all. This just makes my respect for Kirk go above and beyond the respect scale. -- Paul K.

30.  Catspaw

"Bones..." then he sees the skeleton.  Great expression. -- Jay B.

31.  Metamorphosis

Kirk's gives a good dramatic speech about love when he's communicating with the Companion. It's worthy of an Emmy. -- Pete

32.  Friday's Child

Kirk and Spock are waiting for the Klingon and Capellans in the canyon. Kirk says he wants the Klingon, and Spock asks "Revenge, Captain?"  To which Kirk replies "Why not?" -- Stephen K.

SPOCK: "The child was named Leonard James Ah-ka-ahr?" BONES: "Has a kind of a ring to it, don't you think, James?" KIRK: "Yes, I think it's a name destined to go down in galactic history, Leonard. What do you think, Spock?" SPOCK: "I think you're both going to be insufferably pleased with yourselves for at least a month -- Sir." (This dialogue was cleverly written and wittily delivered. A good ending to a good episode). -- Pete

33.  Who Mourns For Adonais?

The look of sorrow and the regret in Kirk's voice, as he rhetorically wonders if tending fields and herding sheep wouldn't have been so bad, as he mourns the death of Apollo. -- Paul K.

34.  Amok Time

"That's T'Pau of Vulcan, I can't back out in front of her." -- Shawna

When Kirk makes the decision to ignore Starfleet command and divert to Vulcan. The scene where he tells McCoy that he will sacrifice his career for Spock speaks volumes about Kirk's loyalty to his friends. -- Paul K.

35.  The Doomsday Machine

When Kirk says "Not with MY ship, you don't!" to Commodore Decker. Because when Kirk said that, you knew beyond any shadow of a doubt that Kirk would brave the danger of bucking higher authority to keep the Enterprise from harm. -- Paul K.

Kirk orders Spock to take command of the Enterprise from Commodore Decker based on his "personal authority" as captain of the ship. Kirk never liked rules, especially ones regarding his cherished vessel. -- NYR7

Kirk is standing in the control room of the soon-to-be destroyed U.S.S. Constellation, waiting to be swallowed by the planet killer, and he half jokingly says on his communicator: "Gentlemen, I suggest you beam me aboard." -- NYR7

Kirk is waiting to be beamed aboard. And waiting. "Gentlemen, I suggest you beam me aboard." He is still waiting. The look on his face is priceless :) -- Shawna

36.  Wolf In The Fold

When Jack the Ripper was onboard the Enterprise, Kirk injected everyone with a tranquillizing serum so that they'd be too giddy to be afraid. He then seized the psychotic killer and literally carried him through the ship to the transporter room where he beamed him out into space. The fact that Kirk did not require an injection for himself shows that he truly knows no fear. -- Krako

Throughout the whole show Kirk is desperately trying to save his chief engineer and his best friend.  He is personally involved in this struggle as if it is was he himself that was accused. -- Shawna W

37.  The Changeling

Any time Kirk makes a computer go kaput is a great Kirk moment ... now if I could only get Kirk to work his magic on my machine... Paul K.

The last few moments of the show where Kirk says to Spock and McCoy "my son the doctor." He was very reflective. Also it is ironic since his son is a doctor as he finds out later. -- Shawna W

38.  The Apple

"Bones, you're the medical officer... you explain it to the young lady." (in reference to the Yeoman's question on reproduction of the people of Vaal.) -- Shawna

Spock, McCoy and Kirk were discussing the mission. Spock was saying that they threw the people on the planet out of paradise like in Genesis. To which Kirk immediately asked if Spock was casting him in the role of Satan; since he did not know of anyone else on the ship who had points on his ears! -- Shawna W

39.  Mirror, Mirror

The scene right after Marlena uses the Tantaulus device on both of the guards with the evil Sulu. Sulu starts coming towards Kirk, and in about 2 seconds Kirk knocks him out!   In the same episode, after the guard saves Kirk from the evil Chekov, he asks about a promotion and Kirk slugs him, saying "Not on my ship." -- Stephen K.

When Kirk and the landing party are in the transporter room & Kirk gives that extremely inspirational speech about how "In every revolution, there is one man with a vision." That speech fills me  with joy, hope & inspiration. -- Paul K.

When the mirror Spock bursts in on the Captain as he's preparing the transporter and the Captain says "Are you going to shoot me now Spock? I thought I had until dawn," and soon after as he continues to defy Spock, "Shoot, you're wasting time." You gotta respect his bravery in the face of imminent danger. -- Kirok

40.  The Deadly Years

When Kirk tells Lt. Uhura to use Code 2. Because that look of "I'm not crazy. I know what I'm doing!" he gives Uhura is priceless. -- Paul K.

41.  I, Mudd

"Why... should... we leave you?" Kirk : "Because... we ... don't like you." -- Shawna

Classic Shatner/Kirk in that soliloquy he recites for Norman: "What is a man but that lofty spirit, that sense of enterprise" (Kirk nudges Harry Mudd) "that devotion to something that cannot be sensed, cannot be realized, but only dreamed the highest reality." Bravo, indeed!! -- Kirok

I really liked the look on Kirk's face at the end of this episode... when Kirk told Harry Mudd about the special android built to keep Harry in line. When it's revealed that it's a replica of Harry's wife Stella, Kirk's smile gets me every time. -- Anthony

42.  The Trouble With Tribbles

"And as captain I want two things done: First, find Cyrano Jones and hold him, and two..." ::rolls eyes upward:: "...Close that door..." -- Shawna

To his superior; when accused of taking the grain mission lightly. "On the contrary, I take the mission very seriously. It is you I take lightly." -- Shawna

"Why they even like you Mr. Baris... well, there's no accounting for taste." -- Shawna

The look on Kirk's face when Scotty says he'd prefer to stay behind and read his journals than beam onto space station K7. The little lift of the eyebrow - Kirk is a master of the "Don't push your luck" look. -- Lyn C

BONES: "It seems that over fifty percent of the creatures' metabolism is geared toward reproduction. Do you know what you get if you feed a tribble too much?" KIRK: "A fat tribble?" BONES: "No, you get a whole bunch of hungry little tribbles." KIRK: "Well Bones, all I can suggest . . ." (dramatic pause) " . . . is that you open up a maturnity ward." -- Pete

After Kirk has been buried up to his neck in tribbles, McCoy rushes in and excitedly proclaims: "Jim, I think I've got it! All we have to do is quit feeding them! We quit feeding them, they stop breeding!"  The look on Kirk's face is priceless when he turns to the audience and says: "Now he tells me." -- Dave

43.  Bread And Circuses

The scene where Kirk tells the council that he's seen things that make the games look like a folk dance. The nonchalant cool look on Kirk's face when he says that, makes me NOT want to play poker with him! -- Paul K.

I love the scene at the end when Kirk learned that the Sun worshippers weren't worshipping the sun in the sky, but the Son of God. This just gave the episode a warm, fuzzy ending. -- Pete

44.  Journey To Babel

The scene on the bridge where a still freshly wounded Kirk ignores his injuries to do battle with the Orion pirate vessel, and thereby saving his ship and the diplomats. Which kept the Federation members from going to war with each other. -- Paul K.

Just after a wounded Kirk awakens in sickbay; his first question is about Sarek. When he finds out why McCoy hasn't operated, he insists McCoy patch him up well enough to convince Spock he can command. He promises that he will, then turns command over to Scotty. He then goes back to his quarter to rest. Kirk then says "Will that fill your perscription?" -- Jess B

45.  A Private Little War

Kirk orders one hundred "firesticks" from Scotty. Scotty askes him to repeat that. Kirk, visibly tired from all the stress, repeats "One hundred serpents for the garden of Eden." I love the statement because, as tired as he is, Kirk is admitting that the planet has been spoiled from its innoccence.

46.  The Gamesters Of Triskelon

The fact that Kirk was not only bargaining for his ship and the lives of his crew, but for the freedom of the thralls. That was something extra, he could have just fought for his ship's freedom, but he wanted to free the people of the planet as well. -- Shawna

47.  Obsession

You can feel the pain of Kirk's isolation as everyone around him tells him that he out of control, obsessing about the cloud creature. You feel vindicated (just as Kirk does) when it IS proven that Kirk has been right about the cloud creature all along. -- Paul K.

48.  The Immunity Syndrome

"Antibodies!" smacking McCoy's cheek on each syllable.  Fun moment. -- Jay B.

49.  A Piece Of The Action

I get a kick out of Kirk's "Fizzbin" gambit, and the way he adopts the dress and lingo in "Piece of the Action". Even when he's in danger he's having fun with it. :) -- Laura G.

"Bones, this messes up the whole percentage... pretty soon they'll be wanting a piece of our action!" -- Shawna

The scene where Kirk is trying to figure out how to get the car started, followed by the jerky ride into town, is, by far, the funniest part of this very funny episode. -- Pete

50.  By Any Other Name

Kirk's friends and advisor's wanted him to push the button and destroy the ship and he wouldn't. You just felt the pressure and he could not or would not give in. -- Shawna W.

Also, where they were going to smush Spock in one of their little cubes, "You need me to run this ship and I need him." Profound and true. They could not argue with his tone or his logic. -- Shawna W.

51.  Return To Tomorrow

Of course, the "Risk is our business.  That's what this Starship is all about.  That's why we're aboard her!" speech. -- Several Fans submitted this one!

52.  Patterns Of Force

Kirk's reaction when Spock tells him he would have made a convincing Nazi. -- Lochness

53.  The Ultimate Computer

"M-5 is an honor they tell... well... I'm honored." -- Shawna

When the M-5 is attacking the war games attack force, Kirk gets right up in Daystrom's face yelling "that thing is killing men and women." You can feel the panic and helpless rage in his voice. -- Mikepcls

"Daystrom!!" -- Jay B.

Kirk's gentle questioning of M-5; "...Why?" -- Jay B.

54.  The Omega Glory

When Kirk says the American pledge of allegiance makes me wanna go hot diggity and shazam! -- Paul K

At the end of the show Kirk is about to leave with Spock and McCoy but he turns around and goes back and looks at the American Flag before he goes back on the Enterprise. When you see this, it really makes you proud to be an American. Everytime I see this ending, I always want to stand up and salute the Flag and sing the Anthem. -- Avril C

55.  Assignment: Earth

56.  Spectre Of The Gun

Kirk has just beaten the tar out of Wyatt Earp and now has the perfect chance to shoot him and avenge Chekov's (supposed) death. But Kirk, being the merciful man that he is, tosses the gun away and releases him. The illusion then fades and the members of the landing party find themselves back on the bridge of the Enterprise (with Chekov who's alive after all). The Melcosian then appears on the main viewing screen and says: "Captain Kirk. You did not kill. Is this the way of your kind?" Kirk replies: "It is. We fight only when there's no choice. We prefer the ways of peaceful contact. I speak for a vast alliance of fellow creatures who believe in the same thing. We have sought you out to join us. Our mission is still one of peace." "Approach out planet and be welcome," says the Melcosian. "A delegation will come out and meet you. Our warning threats are over." Needless the say, the Melcosians would have obviously continued their attempts to destroy the crew if Kirk had decided to kill Wyatt Earp. This then is another Great Kirk Moment as it shows how the forces of love, mercy, and forgiveness are always more powerful than hatred and rage. -- Dave

57.  Elaan Of Troyius

When Kirk is saying goodbye to Elaan and Kirk says, "My orders are that you belong to another man." When he says this you feel his pain, but you understand that it's his duty to see her get married to a Troyian. -- Avril C

I like it When Kirk is about to leave and Elaan shouts "I did not give you permission to leave!", and Kirk simply looks back and says, "I didn't ask for any."  -- spettigue

58.  The Paradise Syndrome

Even when stricken with amnesia Kirk still thinks of ways to make things better, such as his plans for irrigating the fields. -- Paul K.

59.  The Enterprise Incident

"Captain we thought you were dead." KIRK: "The reports were premature." -- Shawna

When Spock spills the beans aboard the Romulan ship, Kirk's threat (and its delivery) "I'll kill you, you filthy traitor.. I'll kill you! I'll kill you!" -- Kirok

60.  And The Children Shall Lead

61.  Spock's Brain

62.  Is There In Truth No Beauty?

When Kirk tells off Miranda in sickbay, finally someone told that brat off! -- Shawna

63.  The Empath

64.  The Tholian Web

The transporter has had a power drain and can now only beam three crewmen back at a time. Kirk immediately and unselfishly decides to remain on the vanishing ship, and risk being lost, so that Spock, McCoy, and Chekov can get back safely. (And of course, he consequently does become lost, which sets the stage for the rest of the episode). That there is just one more example of how Kirk is always thinking of others before he worries about himself. What a guy, eh? -- Pete

65.  For The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky

66.  Day Of The Dove

"Be a good soldier who never questions orders." -- Shawna

67.  Plato's Stepchildren

Kirk gets the mental powers. Then he cracks the whip toward the people instead of at his own crew and shouts defiantly "You're all half-dead! All of you!" This was also the first show with the interracial kiss on television. Kirk is involved in many things where no man has gone before! -- Shawna W

68.  Wink Of An Eye

At the end where the queen is still inviting Kirk to join her on the planet. His response was that he can't think of anything he'd rather do except maybe live. That echoed in my mind and I am sure countless others as well. If the price tag attached weren't death it may have been more appealing and he turned her down gently as only Kirk would have. -- Shawna W

69.  That Which Survives

70.  Let That Be Your Last Battlefield

When the self-destruct system is activated, everyone else is nervous as hell, but Kirk doesn't break a sweat. He'd rather die than give in to a bully, and he sends that message across loud and clear. -- Pete

71.  Whom Gods Destroy

The scene where Lord Garth has taken Kirk's form and Spock can't tell them apart: Kirk tells him to shoot them both for the safety of the ship, and Spock immediately knows who to fire at. This scene is classical in every sense of the word. It has been imitated in film and television so many times, so it must be great. -- Pete

72.  The Mark Of Gideon

73.  The Lights Of Zetar

74.  The Cloud Minders

75.  The Way To Eden

76.  Requiem For Methuselah

The look of astonishment and shock on Kirk's face when he discovers that Rayna is an android is truly incredible! The scenes when Kirk brings her emotions to life when they're dancing is touching and sensual! And the final scene, where Kirk does not sleep until the epidemic aboard the ship has finally been contained. Kirk always sacrificed himself for his crew. -- Pat W

When Flint repeats his order for Rayna to come and then they leave the room, Kirk comments that he does not like the way he orders her around. He is saying that she should be treated better than that. Just because Rayna is a woman, that doesn't mean she should be ordered around. -- Shawna W

Later when Flint and Kirk are fist fighting, Spock catches him and tells him not to fight. Kirk just yells at him and says "We are fighting over a woman, Spock.  Stay out of it." His tone said that if he interfered he would take him on too. -- Shawna W

Kirk's last words before he fell asleep. "One old lonely man, one young lonely man....." This showed that he felt empathy for Flint, which was touching.-- Shawna W

77.  The Savage Curtain

The rock creature at first doesn't understand the difference between good and evil. Kirk says "What did you offer the others if they won?" Rock Creature: "What they wanted most: Power." Kirk: "You offered me... the lives of my crew." -- Shawna

78.  All Our Yesterdays

I loved the sword fight that Kirk got into right after he ran through the time portal. This brief but intense confrontation not only gave a fine display of Kirk's brave and chivalric nature, but it also drew my undivided interest and attention into Kirk's adventure in the planet's medieval past. (Spock's adventure in the ice age didn't become interesting until the beautiful Zarabeth showed up). -- Pete

79.  Turnabout Intruder

The Feature Films

1.  Star Trek: The Motion Picture

When Kirk put that brat Decker in his place! My thought during the power struggle was how could he question Kirk. Kirk was again proven to be correct. -- Shawna W

When he sees Spock for the first time, and his face immediately lights up. -- Jimbo123

At the very end of the movie, they prepare to give the Enterprise a "proper shake down" and he gives the course as "thataway". We roll underneath the ship and she leaps into warp drive. Star Trek was alive again. -- Jimbo123

2.  Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan

Kirk baits Khan into the nebula, taunting him with "Khan, I'm laughing at the superior intellect." -- Lochness

One simple line and the accompanying facial expression that define the character better than anything in the original series or all the films put together: "I don't like to lose." -- Lochness

Kirk lets Carol, David, and Saavik think that they are stranded on the planet for days, knowing all the time that they would be beamed up in a few hours. Gotta love that. Then he just flips the communicator nonchalantly and gets Spock to beam them up like he wasn't hiding a little secret. -- Shawna W

"KHAAANNN!" Because you could feel the anger in his voice. -- Momin740

Kirk's entrance in the film. It is such a Wagnerian image. -- Momin740

"Of all the souls I have met in my travels, his was the most... human."  Every time I watch this scene, Kirk's speech at Spock's funeral, I feel like crying. Kirk and Spock had been comrades for 20 years, and through his speech I can feel his loss, the loss of a VERY good friend that we know very well. And it fills us with deep empathy, as if we are losing a very good friend too. -- TLA

The moment when Kirk speaks to Khan, goading him, as Khan has just caused the death of a Starfleet captain ordered to kill Kirk {Paul Winfield} who kills himself instead, angry and taunting all at the same time, "...But like a poor marksman Khan, you KEEP MISSING THE TARGET"--the way the line is delivered, tight and coiled through gritted teeth, it makes you feel and understand Kirk's anger of Khan and what Khan has wrought. It makes you feel joyous as well, as it acknowledges that Kirk has again outfoxed death, and is now ready to strike back! -- Austin

Spock had finished putting the "mains" back online.  Now blinded and dying he gives his last words to Kirk "...Live Long and Prosper" then collapses on the floor.  Kirk then slumps and with a helpless look, and in one word summed up Spock and Kirk's relationship over the past years: ""  You could feel the loss, the hurt, the pain in that one word.  Amazing! -- cnrfznrf

3.  Star Trek III: The Search For Spock

Kirk's single promise to Sarek: "I will...I swear" carries so much power and weight with it, it makes us believe that Kirk would go to ANY lengths for his friends. At the end when Kirk puts his losses into perspective: "If I hadn't tried, the cost would have been my soul". This proves his deep convictions. -- Lochness

Where Kirk is having the meeting with the commander of Starfleet to get a ship to go back to Genesis to get Spock's body. KIRK: "If there is even a chance that Spock has an eternal soul, then it's my responsibility." COMMANDER: "Yours?" KIRK: "As surely as if it were my very own." At this point I knew that Kirk had a deep conviction about this and he would do what it takes to get Spock back. -- Shawna W

When Kirk and the others have beamed down to the Genesis planet and the Enterprise is going down in flames, Kirk looks up and says: "Good God, Bones. What have I done?" You can totally feel his pain and anguish. -- Pete

"The word is no.  I am therefore going anyway." -- Jay B

Certainly the moment when Kirk reacts to the death of his son.  Stumbling back against the chair.  Shatner himself feels it was one of Kirk's finest hours. -- Jay B

The moment when Kirk avenges the murder of his only son, David. "I (kick) have HAD (kick) enough of YOU (KICK)!" The last kick in the face sends Kruge falling into the molten core of what once was the planet Genesis. Great scene, don't you think? -- Captain Kundalini

Maltz: "I do not deserve to live"  Kirk: "Fine I'll kill you later..." Then, after the escape from the Genisis world:    Maltz: "Wait! You said you would kill me!"   Kirk: "I lied." -- Lochness

4.  Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

The expressions on his face as Spock is swimming in the whale tank.  Absolutely fantastic!  - Jay B.

When they land on earth and all leave the spaceship Kirk says "Everybody remember where we parked" - Shawna W

When the cab driver calls Kirk a "dumb ass", Kirk's response "Double dumb ass on you!" is just brilliant - both the line itself and the way Shatner delivers it (tone of voice, body language, etc.). -- Dave

When Spock has been practicing his "colorful metaphors" Kirk asks him not to use them because he has not quite got the hang of it yet. It reminded me of when someone gets the unpleasant task of trying to tell someone they really suck at something but try to do it delicately and don't really tell them they stink because you might hurt their feelings. Kirk even sounded slightly embarrassed. -- Shawna W

When Kirk and Gillian are dining together at the Italian Restaurant. Gillian wants to know where he comes from. Kirk asks, "Where do you think I come from?" Gillian says, "Let me guess.  You're from outer space." Kirk grins and responds with, "No, I'm from Iowa.  I only work in outer space." -- Jess B

5.  Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

Tells Sybok "he's good....really" when referring to Sulu's piloting ability. -- Lochness

When confronted by Sybok and Bones to undergo the cleansing of his personal pain, Kirk again proves that man was not meant for paradise and that escapism solves nothing: "Pain and guilt can't be taken away with the wave of a magic wand. They're the things we carry with us that make us who we are...If we lose them we lose ourselves...I don't want my pain taken away, I NEED my pain!" It's a powerful statement that speaks volumes about facing reality. It tells us so much about Kirk and why he is the hero that he is. This may be one of my favorite Star Trek moments because it gives strength to those moments when we may feel overwhelmed by our own pain and the need to escape from it. -- Lochness

"What does God need with a starship?" -- Craig K

6.  Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

Kirk's smile when Valeris reacts to his full impulse order while in Space's so nostalgic yet playful at the same time -- J.C.

That huge guy was fighting Kirk for his coat. Kirk fought this guy twice the size of him and half his age. It never occurred to Kirk to surrender. Then Kirk kicked him in his "knee". Then we discovered that was not the huge guy's knee. Fun moment. -- Shawna W

Kirk's instinct showed here. They escaped and followed the shape changer to a hill and Kirk accused her of being paid off. He followed along with the plan knowing that it was a trick and McCoy was shocked and giving him heck for treating her like that. -- Shawna W

Kirk did not give up. Framed for murder, rigged trial, in the middle of the frozen wasteland, others trying to kill him, a ransom for his death, no one has ever escaped before.... Not a bit of nervousness when McCoy thinks that they are going to die down there Kirk calmly assures him that they are getting out of there. -- Shawna W

When the shape changer assumes Kirk's form and orders her goon to shoot him, the real Kirk immediately responds with "No, not me you idiot! Him!" The shape changer is then instantly blown away. This scene is brilliant because we not only see Kirk's superfast thinking, but we, as the audience, are also momentarily fooled into thinking Kirk has been killed. -- Dave

When the Enterprise has arrived at Khitomer and are almost in beaming range, Chang's voice is heard over the speaker and the Enterprise is struck with a torpedo. Kirk is not sure where the Klingon ship is, and orders the Enterprise to "back off". As he sits in his chair and gives this order, he is the epitome of calm and control except for his right hand...which waves furiously as he gives the order. To me, this shows how Kirk is a very emotional passionate man, but manages to overcome fear and excitement and remain mentally and physically calm in every situation...even one as grave as this. Only his hand movement shows his excitement.  And, of course, his tactical move stuns Chang. -- Phillymain

When Kirk gives his explanation down at the peace conference, it made me want to applaud too. -- Momin740

7.  Star Trek: Generations

When Kirk sits in the captain's chair for that brief moment, you can see in his face and his body language just how much he has longed to be there. It is even greater when he forces himself back to reality and tells Harriman "you belong on the bridge of your ship...I'll take care of it" and leaves center seat to its owner. -- Lochness

Kirk to Picard: "I don't need to be lectured by you! I was out saving the galaxy when you're grandfather was still in diapers!" -- Pete

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