Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
The Enhanced Re-Edit

MAJOR UPDATE: The project has been screened by William Shatner! He stated "Your edit is now my edit."
A few further tweaks are being made before release to the general public.

This is a project being worked on to digitally enhance Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.  

This version will hopefully be more faithful to William Shatner's original intentions.  It will be based on earlier drafts of the script and storyline, and various printed interviews with the creative team behind the film.  
This version will be called "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier - The Enhanced Edition." 

I'm also constructing a cut of the film that will have enhanced effects and some reediting.  Many of the flaws in the film are due some of the awkward humor (written by David Loughery, who was pressured into adding these parts from Paramount to "lighten the story")  and substandard special effects (due to ILM being unavailable).  In this version, new special effects will be used, and the more awkward elements will be trimmed or re-edited.

This version will be called "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier - The Enhanced Re-Edit."

This Special Edition is neither endorsed nor approved by Paramount Pictures or William Shatner.

If you wish to urge Paramount into making an official special enhanced reedited version of
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, go HERE and sign the petition!

Updated 12/23
CG Samplers Available

There are going to be three Versions of this "Enhanced Re-Edit" project:

VERSION 1 - "The Enhanced Edition" This version will have no changes other than the special effects.

VERSION 2 - "The Enhanced Re-Edit Version 2 " This version will have enhanced special effects, and some changes via reediting. 

VERSION 3 - "The Enhanced Re-Edit Version 3" This version will have even more editing to give it a more "serious" tone. Even this version will only have about ten minutes removed.

Brief Summary Of Major Changes:

Here is a brief summary of the more major changes in "The Enhanced Re-Edit".

Version 1 (aka "The Enhanced Edition") will have no removing of scenes, just new CGI.

Also remember that in addition to the CGI enhancements listed below,
that just about all the special effects from Bran Ferren
will be replaced with similar shots via CGI.

1. New opening credits. 

2. Kirk's fall from the mountain will be altered.

3. Uhura and Scotty "romantic" scenes - Removed.

4. Sulu and Chekov lost in the woods scene - Removed.

5. Bird Of Prey firing on a different probe than the one seen in the theatrical version.  Probe will not "scream."

6. New shuttlecraft FX scenes landing / taking off / flying in Yosemite, Nimbus III, and Sha-Ka-Ree.

7. The sillier gags involving the Enterprise's malfunctions will be removed.

8. New shot of Enterprise approaching Nimbus III.

9. Uhura's fan dance scene - Removed.

10. New shuttlecraft shots at Paradise City.

11. Cat Dancer fight removed.

12. Scene between the shuttlecraft and Bird Of Prey enhanced with new effects.

13. Poor wirework shots during Kirk's fight with Sybok will be trimmed.

14. Brig's bars digitally enhanced to look less like florescent light bulbs.

15. Scotty banging his head - Removed.

16. Rocketboot scene in turboshaft - Altered (or Removed, depending on the Version).

17. "Center of the Galaxy" plot hole fixed.

18. New Great Barrier scenes, including the Enterprise having a much rougher ride.

19. New Creature scenes for the climax.

20. Various other gags removed.

You can read about the changes in these Versions in far more detail HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. "When will this project be ready?" - There is no official release date right now.  The ST5 project is now continuing.  I understand that this project is taking a LONG time, and I apologize.  There already is a rough cut available of Version 3 that has some of the new special effects (email me if you want info or clips of this rough cut).  Please understand that I am only the editor, and not the FX artist. I have two artists working with me, and they are working on other (paid) projects, while this project is being done for fun and therefore has a lower priority. They are slow, but they are very good. Do you want things sped up? Then get me some FX artists to assist! In the meantime, rest assured this project IS being worked on and WILL be completed. 

2. "What alterations will be made?" - In Version 1, the only alterations will be new special effects.  In Version 2, there will be some reediting and enhanced effects.  Version 3 will have even more editing to give the film a more "serious" tone.

3. "Why are you making three Versions?" - Because no matter what is changed, there will always be people complaining about the changes.  By making three Versions, this can help keep the complaining to a minimum. 

4. "Will it be the anamorphic transfer?" - Yes.  This project will be anamorphic, as well.

5. "Will it have Dolby Digital 5.1 sound?" - Yes.

6. "In so-and-so Version, you cut my favorite part!" - Sorry, I can't please everyone.  I don't agree with all the edits, either.  But, with Version 3, I'm taking no chances.  If one doesn't want any scene changes, go with Version 1.

7. "This undermines the artistic integrity of the original film."  - Nobody associated with this film, not even William Shatner, was satisfied with the theatrical cut of the film.  If you want a "pure" version, then get the Collector's Edition DVD, as it is Paramount-approved and official.  You can also write them a letter urging them to make an official Special Edition.
8. "Will the new special effects be any good?" - That's subjective.  The effects will probably look better than the ones created by Bran Ferren in the theatrical cut.

9. "Do you have sample clips?" Yes. See above.

10. "Will you use footage that was shown in the deleted scenes section of the Collector's Edition DVD?"  - No.  The deleted scenes were removed with good reason, as they do not enhance the movie. 

11. "I have a suggestion for this project." - Don't hesitate to email me if you have suggestions.

12. "Is this the 'In Thy Image' edit of Star Trek V that I heard about online"? - No. "In Thy Image" is a different fan edit of Star Trek V created by Jack Marshall that attempts to make the film feel like an episode of The Original Series. His edit trims the movie down to less than an hour, has music from the Original Series, and no new FX shots (though he does use some footage from the other films as replacement shots). Jack's edit also retains some things (like Scotty banging his head) that this edit will not. Jack Marshall's edit is fun and I do recommend seeing it (but don't ask me where to find it).

13. "I like the movie just the way it is!" - Great!  Then ignore these versions, and buy the official Collector's Edition DVD. If you like the movie just the way it is, I applaud you.

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